Total Tree Care and Tune-up Services are important!

Regular Tree care and pruning promotes vigorous, healthy growth, not only does that improve your tree's appearance, but increases your home's property value by up to 20%!

We can provide the following services in the Tampa Bay, Florida, Area, Including Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, and Pasco County.


De-Mossing - Moss Removal

Since Spanish moss is spread by birds who use it to build their nests our experience is you're going to have a hard time getting rid of it, and I really don't understand why you'd want to. The growing area for this plant is a pretty small range and gives a unique flavor to the geography of Central Florida and the Tampa Bay area that I personally treasure.

It is true that this tiny Bromeliad doesn't kill trees, or do them any harm of any kind. It gets no nourishment from the trees but merely anchors to them to stay up in the air and off the ground, it will die over time if it falls all the way to the ground. It does love light, moisture and fresh air and will grow more thickly in trees that are defoliating, at least for a while, because these elements are more available, but it won't influence the health of the tree in any way. Having said that... if you feel like you have a problem, give us a call and we can help you straighten it out...

Vine Removal

Have old vines, that have taken over an area that you wish to clean up and make more beautiful? Take Control with Controlled Landscape. We can remove those vines, and help decorate that area and convert it to enjoyable and useful space again!

Dead Wooding
What exactly is" dead wooding"?

Dead wooding is an fairly obvious term, but basically involves the full removal of dead, dying, or diseased branches from the tree. Sometimes you'll want to prune a tree to control its size or shape — for instance, if its too close to a building or utility lines. Also, pruning dead branches that cross and rub against others in the wind or broken branches caused by a storm. Let Controlled Landscape Services examine your trees and estimate the appropriate pruning of any deadwood. We treat your trees with respect when pruning them and they'll be healthier and more beautiful for years to come.
Elevate Tree Limbs

Elevating Tree Limbs or "limbing up" a tree consists of trimming the lower branches off of the tree. One of the effects of hard pruning, due mostly to the fact that the root system remains from growing the mass of branches and leaves that were cut off, is that you can get a LOT of new growth. It is usually more twiggy growth from the ends that were cut, not lots of nice long branches, but you can also get so-called water-sprouts, vertical growths mostly coming off more horizontal branches. These are usually regarded as weak, and usually spoil the over-all shape, so are usually cut off when noticed. If left, it can take a few years for them to settle down into attractive growth. Please call us if you are interested in having your tree's cleaned up.

Thin out branches
Considered one of the principles of gardening is training and pruning

Training, the orienting of the plant in space, is achieved by techniques that direct the shape, size, and direction of plant growth. It may be accomplished by use of supports to which plants can be bent, twisted, or fastened. Pruning, the judicious cutting away of plant parts, is performed for other purposes: to contain size, to encourage fruiting in orchard trees, or to improve the appearance of ornamental trees and shrubs. It is one of the most important horticultural arts.

Where trees and shrubs are left to grow naturally, they often become much too large for their space in the garden. Also they may grow lanky and misshapen and have much dead growth. Where a branch or shoot is cut, it will often be induced to make a number of young shoots from below the cut, and these are likely to flower more freely than the older branches. Fruit trees in particular when pruned annually often give fruit of finer quality, larger in size, freer of disease, and of better color. The two basic pruning cuts are known as heading back and thinning out. Heading back consists of cutting back the terminal portion of a branch to a bud; thinning out is the complete removal of a branch to a lateral or main trunk. Heading back, usually followed by the stimulation of lateral bud break below the cut, produces a bushy, compact plant, suitable for a hedgerow, and it is often used to rejuvenate shrubs that have become too large or that flower poorly. Thinning out, which encourages longer growth of the remaining terminals by reducing lateral branches, tends to open up the plant, producing a longer plant. In general, pruning, started when the plant is young, obviates the need for drastic and risky remedial pruning later of a large, old, or misshapen bush or tree.

Particular spatial arrangements may increase light utilization, facilitate harvesting or disease control, or improve productivity and quality. Thus, training and pruning form an essential part of fruit growing throughout the life of the plant. Special attention is given in the formative years to obtain desired shape and structure. The key to training is the point on the main stem from which branches form. In the central-leader system of training, the trunk forms a central axis with branches distributed laterally up and down and around the stem. In the open-center or vase system the main stem is terminated and growth forced through a number of branches originating close to the upper end of the trunk. An intermediate system is called the modified-leader system. In espalier systems, plants are trained to grow flat along a wire or trellis. Properly executed espaliers are extremely attractive as ornamentals. Espaliers in combination with dwarfing root stocks allow high density orchards that are very productive on a per-unit-area basis with the fruit close to the ground for easy harvest. Extensive pruning is required annually to maintain the system.

There are a number of physiological responses to training and pruning. Orientation of the plant may have a marked effect on growth and fruiting. Thus fruit trees planted on an inclined angle become dwarfed and flower earlier; training branches in a horizontal position produces the same effect. This effect is achieved naturally when a heavy fruit load bends a limb down. The main effects of pruning are achieved by altering the root–shoot balance. Thus an explosion of vegetative growth normally occurs after extensive shoot pruning. Severely pruned plants, especially if they are in the juvenile stage of growth, tend to remain vegetative. Similarly the slowdown of vegetative growth by root pruning encourages flowering.

The training of plants to grow in unnatural shapes for ornamental purposes is called topiary. In Roman and Renaissance times, when ingenious topiary was in high fashion, plants were trained to unusual and fantastic shapes such as beasts, ships, and building facades. Though more modestly, hedges and shrubs are still trained to geometric shapes in formal gardens.

Another extreme form of training is the Japanese art of bonsai, the creation of dwarfed potted trees by a combination of pruning (both roots and tops) and restricted nutrition. Living trees more than 100 years old and only a few feet high are grown in special containers arranged to resemble the natural landscape.

Tree and Shrub Shaping

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Tree and Shrub Fertilizing

Now, more than ever homeowners, and property managers are concerned about the amount and type of technical materials used on the landscape by their lawn care and garden service providers.

Tree care helps protect your home value and maximize the return on investment. A Money Magazine study ranks the 100% to 200% recovery value of landscaping first among home improvements. Regular inspections and consistent maintenance that addresses tree health, safety and curb appeal can increase property value too. Clemson University research found that homes with “excellent” landscapes can expect a 6% to 7% higher sale price. Preventative tree care is also less costly than remedial treatments for fully developed problems.

Take Control! Call Controlled Landscaping for your Tree Care and Tune-up Service needs! We have the Best Service AND Prices across Tampa Bay for your Total Landscaping Needs

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