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1. Should you ever cover an exposed tree root or roots? * Normally, roots are usually on the surface due to the nature of the tree or soil compaction. No more than 4" of soil should ever be used to cover roots.

2.What is the white webbing on the main trunks and branches of the tree? * This webbing is from a harmless psocid, which eats algae off the outer bark of the tree. It can be washed off with a water hose.

3. Is there something you can do to keep moss growth down? * Spanish and ball moss in our trees is natural and will limit itself in a healthy tree.

4. Should you fill or cover holes in trees? * No, do not fill cavities in trees. It creates hidden areas for insects and disease and adds no structural integrity to the tree.

False Crotching Heavy Logs is a Safe Way of Removing Dangerous Damaged Trees.


5. What is a good time of year to fertilize citrus and spray? * Citrus should be fertilized (3) times per year (spring, summer, fall) and should be sprayed only when necessary.

6. What is the best time of year to trim trees? * Trees can be trimmed year round. Regardless of the season an arborist can perform the required care.

7. How do you get rid of moss? * A percentage of moss comes out with normal pruning, but it is natural to have some of this air plant in your tree. Removing all the moss can be expensive and many times do more damage than good.

8. How much sucker growth is removed when pruning? * Sucker growth is removed in approximately 1/3 of the tree. Over pruning can cause sun scald to your tree.


This is a small sampling of the many tree types we have available for enhancing your landscape designs. Shown above are the Adonidia Palm ( Christmas Palms ) ,Magnolia Tree ( Little Gem ), and the Foxtail Palm. Call us for any other palms your interested in. We have a wide variety of other palm trees available that are suitable for the Tampa Bay Florida area climate.

9. Should cuts be treated or painted? * Cuts do not need to be treated or painted. When a proper cut is made the trees natural healing process works best.

10. Do you transplant trees? Yes, We transplant ALL trees.

11. Will the tree continue to grow if I don't have the stump ground? * Many trees will sprout back from the stump. It is best to grind or treat with herbicide.

12. What is the best way to get ride of a stump? * The best and most economical way is to grind the stump below grade.

13. Does moss hurt trees? * Moss, being an air plant will not hurt a healthy tree. It is not parasitic (like mistletoe which will spread and kill a tree) and simply attaches itself to the exterior bark.

14. Do you top trees? * We do not top trees. Topping damages a tree and can create a dangerous and expensive situation.

Travelers Palms, are popular across Tampa Bay Florida. Call us at 813-294-0587 today for pricing and availability. Let us help you integrate Travelers Palms into your next Tampa Bay Florida landscaping project.

15. How low does a stump have to be before it can be ground? * Our stump grinders can handle stumps that are up to 10" above grade.

16. Will tree roots grow under my House, patio, or sidewalk? * Roots will not generally grow under your home due to the footer of the foundation is deep enough to prevent their spread. Patios, walks, and drives typically do not have a footer and roots can easily spread under slabs uplifting and cracking them.

17. How often do trees need to be pruned? * The average pruning cycle for a shade tree is 3 years.

18. How high should a tree be elevated above the roof? * Limbs should be raised to a height of 6-8' (6 to 8 feet) to keep down growth from hitting the roof for 3 to 4 years.

19. Will moss kill trees? * Moss in itself will not kill trees, but in stressed trees it may tend to compete with foliage and further weaken the tree.

20. Will mistletoe kill trees? * Mistletoe is a parasite and draws nourishment directly from the tree. It will kill your tree if left unchecked.

In tight areas where planting beds are limited to space, various palm trees are a great choice. There root structures are non intrusive and thrive in the Central Florida's sandy soils.

21. Will vines kill trees? * Vines will not directly kill trees but they can tend to cover the canopy, which could smother your tree. It is recommended to sever the vines from their roots at ground level to kill the vine, thus protecting your tree and to prevent damage caused by extracting live vines from your tree.

22. What is a Certified Arborist? * Certification is a standard for Arborist's

internationally and is administrated by the International Society of Arboriculture.

23. Why can't I remove a tree on my own property? * You can remove only trees which have been permitted or that are an exempt nuisance tree according to local city and county laws.

24. What is a grand tree? * A grand tree is a tree of larger stature and of more value to the community as designated in ordinance of your local municipality. These trees have special protection regarding pruning and removal. They must be reviewed and permitted by local inspectors of the municipality.


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