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Knowing how to install brick pavers can be done by the homeowner and is not difficult at all. When you are in the installation process, remembering a few key steps will make the process simple.

The first thing is to mark out the area that you want to install new brick pavers. There are several easy ways to do this.

The first thing to do is decide on the shape and design of the new brick paver project. Using a water hose, construction line, or rope can simplify the process.

One way to mark out the area to be paved is to use marking paint to draw outlines of desired area to be paved.( Marking paint can be purchased at your local home improvement store or local hardware store usually for less than $ 10.00 per can and comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Using wood stakes and nylon string is also another way to lay out area to be paved. When curves are involved I recommend using marking paint.

Once marking process has been completed the next step is to prepare the ground prior to installing new brick pavers. If there is grass it should be removed first.

The next step is excavating the ground by removing the soil required in order to install the proper base material under the new brick pavers. Depending on the use of the brick pavers this will determine the depth of the base material necessary under the new brick pavers. If the brick pavers are only going to be used for pedestrian traffic it wont require as much base material as it would require if heavier weight traffic such as automobiles or heavy equiptment are going to be on the brick pavers.

While in the excavating process, proper drainage must be taken into consideration so that you don't create an unnecessary drainage problem. You want to be sure that the brick pavers have the proper pitch or fall necessary to avoid puddling or standing water.

To excavate the ground you want to remove soil to desired level in order to install new base material. There are several products that are acceptable to use for base material such as lime rock screenings, crushed concrete, or even small gravel.Once base material has been installed you must compact base material using a gas powered plate compactor or tamp manually with hand held tamper tool. I have found out that using a plate compactor works very well to compact the soil and base material evenly.

Leveling base material is the next step to do using a level or long straight object such as a section of square aluminum screen enclosure frame which is light weight and comfortable to use and does a great job.

Once base material is leveled and checked you can start the brick laying process.

Start by using a chalk line to get a straight line to work off of. Make sure not to walk on base material once leveled because you will have to re-level again.

Start at one end and start laying brick pavers in a pattern that you decide on. There are many patterns to choose from.

Once you have a small area layed you can begin to stand on the brick pavers so that you don't disturb the leveled base material. Having stacks of brick pavers layed out next to you makes the installation go much faster.

Once brick pavers have been laid then you can start preparing to install a border on the brick pavers. Using a flexible irrigation pipe or small flexible pvc pipe allows you to shape curves and sweeps .Use a carpenters pencil to mark your bricks where you plan to cut in order to install your borders.

Lay your desired border bricks in place making necessary cuts to allow a tight fit for your brick pavers.( Curves require cuts to make a tight fit.

There are several ways to restrain your border bricks in place. Plastic border restraints are a common method using pre fabricated plastic borders and galvanized spikes nailed through pre existing holes in border restraints.

Another way to retain your border bricks is to use concrete as your edging. Use a small trowel to smooth a concrete footing along outside edge of border bricks making sure to leave about 1'' of brick exposed at top so you can cover with mulch, sod, or rocks.

Now it's time to install fine sand to fill in all the voids between the new brick pavers to lock in the pavers.

This is done by installing the sand with a push broom and a water hose sweeping and flushing the sand into all the joints of the pavers. This is a more time consuming process because you really want to make sure you have filled in all the joints.

Allow  the sand to dry ( several days ) and then apply a second application of dry fine  sand because when the sand is wet it doesn't all ways fill voids completely.

You can now start the brick paver sealing process. There are many brick paver sealing products to choose from.

Most  brick paver sealers need to be applied when the brick pavers are completely dry, However there is a brick paver sealer that is water based and can be applied to brick pavers even when they are wet.

You should allow at least 24-48 hours to allow brick paver sealer to dry before walking on or driving on to ensure not to damage brick paver sealer.

Once you have followed these easy steps to installing your own D.I.Y. Brick Pavers you can sit back and enjoy your new brick pavers for many, many years.

In order  to install brick pavers correctly you will need some tools that are required for the job.

The following is some of the tools required to install brick pavers:

Concrete cutting saw with concrete blade or diamond blade:

Tape measure & string

Chalk line



Wheel barrow



Garden Rake

Water hose

Gloves, Goggles & Knee pads

A Good Strong Rubber Mallet

Plate compactor or Tamping tool for compacting



Materials needed for Brick Paver Installation:

Base Material

Fine sand

Brick pavers


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